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The Nassau County family attorneys at The Levoritz Law Firm are dedicated to managing complex family law issues with skill and compassion. We offer effective, personalized legal representation to every client, working hard to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Providing Legal Counsel to Families Throughout Nassau County

The Levoritz Law Firm sets a high legal standard in Nassau County, with a focus on family law. Established in 2005, our team leverages its combined experience to deliver strong representation for clients facing complex situations.

Our services span from high-net-worth divorces to complex child custody and visitation issues, as well as drafting airtight prenuptial agreements. Our approach is grounded in compassion and a deep understanding of the law, ensuring dependable guidance and robust representation for every family we serve.

Cases Featured in The Media

Gonzalez v. Green DivorceCBS News

Gonzalez v. Green Divorce

In the Gonzalez v. Green divorce case, a judge, who said the Massachusetts marriage of two gay men was void, also ruled that the couple’s separation agreement was nonetheless valid and legally enforceable.

David Bruce McMahan LawsuitNew York Post

David Bruce McMahan Lawsuit

In a lawsuit involving David Bruce McMahan, Levoritz Law successfully defended against damages claims, resulting in a $1 nominal award ordered by the New York judge for the ex-wife's media statements regarding alleged incest.

Our Practice Areas

Effective Solutions for Family Conflicts

Our capable legal team has proven its ability to advocate effectively for clients time and time again, particularly in divorce and child-related matters.

Divorce Law

We have ample experience with high-net-worth cases, property divisions, and alimony negotiations and handle all with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Our lawyers excel at navigating the complexities of divorce, providing tailored solutions that address both the financial and emotional challenges clients face. Our divorce services include:

practice divorce
divorce law

Family Law

This wide range of services ensures that every family can receive essential legal support suited for their unique circumstances and needs.

We’re committed to resolving family law disputes fairly and with due consideration for every party involved. Our comprehensive family law services include:

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Serving Nassau County & The Suburbs

The Levoritz Law Firm proudly serves individuals and families across Nassau County, the New York City area, and surrounding counties, providing skilled legal guidance wherever you are

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