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Navigating the complexities of divorce in Long Island requires careful legal guidance. At Levoritz Law Firm, our divorce lawyers are dedicated to delivering personalized, effective solutions to protect your rights and future.

Legal Guidance for Divorcees in Long Island

Levoritz Law Firm has been demonstrating legal excellence for over two decades. Our team focuses on matrimonial and family law matters, offering comprehensive services ranging from divorce cases and custody battles to asset division and spousal support. We are committed to providing strategic, compassionate advocacy to secure the best outcomes for our clients.

Divorce Matters We Handle in Long Island

We handle a wide array of divorce-related legal issues, addressing every aspect of your case with professionalism and skill.

Our services include:

  • Uncontested Divorce

    Efficiently managing cases where both parties agree on all terms of the divorce.

  • Contested Divorce

    Vigorously representing clients in disputes over key issues like child custody, financial support, and asset division.

  • High-Asset Divorce

    Specializing in cases involving extensive marital assets, such as significant investments and business interests.

  • Legal Separation

    Assisting clients with the formalities of legal separation, addressing financial and legal responsibilities while avoiding the finality of divorce.

  • Domestic Partnership Termination

    Navigating the legal complexities associated with the dissolution of domestic partnerships.

  • Appeals

    Providing legal advice and representation to appeal unfavorable divorce judgments.

  • Alimony and Spousal Support

    Negotiating and litigating to achieve fair and appropriate spousal support arrangements.

  • Property Division

    Ensuring fair and equitable distribution of all marital property, including real estate, personal properties, and financial assets.

  • Abandonment

    Handling cases where one spouse has deserted the other, securing the necessary legal and financial support for our clients.

In addition to our divorce services, Levoritz Law Firm handles all matters related to child custody, child visitation, and child support, prioritizing the best interests of your children throughout the legal process.

What Are Grounds for Divorce in Long Island, NY?

Grounds for divorce include both "no-fault" and "fault-based" reasons. A no-fault divorce is based on an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage for at least six months, whereas fault-based grounds include:

  • Cruel and inhuman treatment: Sufficiently severe that it endangers the physical or mental well-being of one partner, making it unsafe for the couple to live together.
  • Abandonment: One spouse has abandoned the other for a continuous period of at least one year.
  • Imprisonment: One spouse has been in prison for three or more consecutive years after the marriage began.
  • Adultery: One spouse must prove that the other was unfaithful during the marriage.
  • Living separate and apart pursuant to a separation agreement: Couples who have lived apart for at least one year under a formally recognized separation agreement.
  • Living separate and apart pursuant to a separation decree or judgment of separation: Similar to the above, but this involves a decree or judgment from a court.

Understanding the reasons for initiating the divorce will help your attorney develop a personalized approach that safeguards your interests.

The Divorce Filing Process in Long Island

The divorce filing process in Long Island, New York, involves several key steps.

Here’s an overview to help guide you through the process:

  • Determine the Grounds for Divorce

    First, decide on the legal grounds for your divorce, whether they are no-fault or fault-based.

  • Prepare the Necessary Forms

    The summons will state the grounds for divorce and any initial requests for relief.

  • File the Forms with the County Clerk

    The completed forms must be filed with the Clerk of the County where either you or your spouse resides.

  • Serve the Papers to Your Spouse

    After filing, someone of legal age other than you must serve the divorce papers to your spouse.

  • Your Spouse’s Response

    Your spouse can respond by contesting the terms or agreeing to them; if they do not respond, you can seek a default judgment.

  • Negotiate Settlement or Prepare for Trial

    If the divorce is contested, you may try to settle out of court or go to trial where a judge will make the final decisions.

  • Finalizing the Divorce

    Once all issues are resolved through settlement or court judgment, the court will issue a final divorce decree, officially ending the marriage.

This process can vary in length and complexity depending on the specifics of the divorce case, such as the presence of minor children, significant assets, or disagreements between parties.

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How Long Does It Take to Get Divorced in Long Island?

The duration of a divorce in Long Island, New York, can vary significantly based on several factors, including whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

Uncontested Divorce

If both parties agree on all terms of the divorce, including asset division, custody arrangements, and support, the process can be relatively quick. Typically, an uncontested divorce might take anywhere from three to six months to finalize once all paperwork is properly filed and processed.

Contested Divorce

If the spouses cannot agree on key issues and the divorce becomes contested, the process is usually longer. A contested divorce can take from nine months to several years, depending on the complexity of the issues, the court's schedule, and the efficiency of the legal representation.

Other factors that can affect the timeline include:

  • The speed at which the necessary documents are prepared and filed.
  • The court’s caseload and scheduling.
  • Delays due to incomplete or improperly filed paperwork.
  • The need for negotiations or mediation to resolve disputes.

The possibility of appeals or additional legal challenges is also a factor to consider when attempting to predict the length of a divorce process.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Long Island?

The cost of a divorce in Long Island, New York, can vary widely based on several factors, including the complexity of the case, whether it is contested or uncontested, and the fees charged by the courts and the attorneys involved. The initial filing fee for a divorce in New York State is typically around $210.

Attorney fees can vary significantly. For an uncontested divorce, fees might range from $1,000 to $3,500 or more. For a contested divorce, fees can start at around $3,000 and can go much higher, often reaching $15,000 to $20,000 and sometimes exceeding this range in highly contentious cases.

Additional costs to consider include:

  • Costs for mediators or arbitrators if alternative dispute resolution methods are used.
  • Expenses related to obtaining court orders for temporary support or custody during the divorce proceedings.
  • Fees for experts such as child custody evaluators, real estate appraisers, financial analysts, or accountants.
  • Miscellaneous fees for copying documents, court messenger services, and other administrative expenses.

Given these variables, the total cost of a divorce can be difficult to predict without knowing the specifics of the case. It's advisable for those considering divorce to consult with a local divorce attorney who can provide a more accurate estimate based on their particular circumstances.

Why Choose Our Long Island Divorce and Family Law Attorneys?

Choosing Levoritz Law Firm for your divorce and family law cases in Long Island offers numerous benefits:

  • Experienced Attorneys

    Our team is composed of seasoned lawyers who focus on divorce and family law, bringing years of experience to your case.

  • Personalized Attention

    We provide tailored strategies that reflect the unique aspects of each client's situation, ensuring personalized care and attention.

  • Strategic Advocacy

    Our attorneys are committed to aggressive legal representation to secure the best possible outcomes.

  • Local Knowledge

    As Brooklyn-based family law attorneys, we have in-depth knowledge of the local courts and legal system, which can be advantageous in navigating the nuances of your divorce proceedings effectively.

Our focus is always on achieving the results that best serve the interests and needs of you and your family.

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