• June 2, 2023
  • Yoni Levoritz
  • Divorce

Jewish Tradition and Values in Divorce
A guide by the Levoritz Law Firm

Jewish tradition and values play a significant role in the divorce process for Jewish couples. These values affect how couples approach decisions during their divorce and guide the actions of attorneys representing the couples.

One of the primary Jewish values that influence the divorce process is the importance of family and community. Divorce is generally discouraged in Jewish tradition and is seen as a last resort option. The community also plays a role in the divorce process, and Jewish couples often seek the guidance of a rabbi or other religious leader.

Another value that affects the divorce process for Jewish couples is the importance of respect and fairness. Jewish law mandates that both parties should be treated fairly during the divorce process, which means that equitable division of property, assets, and debts is essential.
Additionally, Jewish tradition emphasizes the importance of shalom bayit, which is Hebrew for “peace in the home.” This means that even during the divorce process, couples should strive to maintain a peaceful, respectful relationship to safeguard the well-being of their children and themselves.

In terms of the legal process, Jewish values influence the decisions made by couples and their attorneys in areas such as child custody and financial settlements. Couples and their attorneys often consider the impact of these decisions on the children and family as a whole.
In conclusion, Jewish tradition and values play a crucial role in shaping the divorce process for Jewish couples. These values inform the attitudes and decisions of couples and their attorneys, who aim to find solutions that are fair, respectful, and aligned with Jewish values.

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