• June 5, 2023
  • Yoni Levoritz
  • Divorce

Jewish Divorce in New York City
A guide by the Levoritz Law Firm

As with any divorce, the process of Jewish divorce, or “Get” in New York City, can be complex and emotional. Here are some of the most common issues that Jewish couples may encounter during a divorce:
Non-cooperation from one party: In order for a Jewish divorce to be recognized, both parties must be willing to participate. If one party refuses to participate, it can make the divorce process much more difficult and can lead to legal battles.

Financial disagreements: As with any divorce, financial matters can become contentious. In Jewish divorce, there may be additional financial matters to consider, such as division of assets acquired during the marriage, child support, and spousal support.

Custody and visitation: If there are children involved in the divorce, custody and visitation agreements must be made. These agreements can be particularly complex in the context of a Jewish divorce, as religious observance may be a factor in determining custody and visitation.

Time frame: Jewish divorce proceedings can be lengthy, and there may be a waiting period before a Get can be issued. This can be difficult for those who wish to remarry quickly.

Religious and cultural concerns: Jewish divorces may involve considerations of religious observance and cultural practices. For example, in some cases, a prenuptial agreement may dictate the terms of the divorce, or both parties may wish to engage in mediation with a rabbi or other religious figure.

Navigating these issues can be challenging, but with the help of experienced legal and religious professionals, a Jewish divorce in New York City can be resolved. It is important to find a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney who understands the unique aspects of Jewish divorce, and to seek support from religious leaders and community resources. By working together, couples can successfully navigate the divorce process and move forward with their lives.

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