Securing Your Future After Divorce

Alimony or spousal maintenance is intended to help a lower-income spouse avoid financial hardship, help him or her become self-supporting, and in general prevent any economic advantage or disadvantage caused by the breakdown of the marriage. The court may order the higher-earning spouse to pay either temporary support, permanent support, or both.

The process is not always straightforward. Family law also subject to change. Did a court grant you spousal maintenance, but your ex is not paying the amount ordered? Have your personal conditions changed to such an extent that the amount you are currently receiving is inadequate?

Let the team of skilled attorneys at the Levoritz Law Group safeguard your rights with regard to spousal maintenance. Courts use the payor’s income to determine the amount you receive, and some ex-spouses have been known to cheat on their taxes, use cash-based businesses, or conceal assets to make their income appear lower. If you suspect this to be the case in your situation, we have investigators that work around the world looking for hidden assets and income.

Attorneys Yonatan Levoritz, Karolina Krasnyanskaya, Evgen Tereshchenkov, and Miechia Gulley have the experience, knowledge, and tenacity to advocate for you and strive for a spousal maintenance arrangement that keeps your quality of life at a level you are entitled to.

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Calculate Your Temporary and Permanent Maintenance

Curious as to what your temporary and permanent payments could be? We have provided exclusive calculators for both: