Domestic Violence

Don’t Let Accusations of Domestic Violence Determine Your Future

Prosecutors and law enforcement agencies can be extremely aggressive when it comes to pursuing allegations of domestic violence in New York State. While violence inflicted on a spouse, partner, or anyone else with whom you reside is a serious matter, allegations of such abuse are, unfortunately, often exaggerated, fabricated, or used for an improper purpose.

Domestic violence is defined as one member of a household harming another member and falls into the area of criminal law. Parties in these cases do not have to be married or related by blood; the definition also encompasses roommates, adopted or foster children, and unmarried couples. Actions that are classified as domestic violence include:

When a couple separates or divorces, it is not unusual for false accusations of domestic violence to be made, followed by a filing of charges, often by the party who is trying to obtain custody of the children.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, call the Levoritz Law Group. Tony Mirvis and Miechia Gulley have extensive of experience in defending clients against damaging domestic violence allegations, and will diligently investigate the facts to uncover any contradictions or inconsistencies that could lead to a dismissal or reduction of the charges, or even an acquittal. For more information or to schedule a confidential consultation, contact us today.