Child Support

Aggressive Advocacy For Your Child’s Future

Divorce should never leave you unable to care for your children. Because of this, non-custodial parents are required to pay child support in accordance with specific guidelines. In New York, this support is determined pursuant to the Child Support Standards Act and Family Court Act, which provides guidelines for calculating payments based on percentages of the non-custodial parent’s income.

It is a different situation with high net worth divorces. In New York, when combined parental income exceeds $141,000, a unique set of rules comes into play. The court will use the standard child support percentage and multiply it by the income in excess of $141,000. It will also consider statutory factors, such as the financial resources of both parents and the child, tax consequences, and the child’s standard of living prior to the divorce.

Unfortunately, some parents hide assets or underreport their income to minimize the amount of child support they must pay. If you suspect that your former spouse is doing something similar, contact the Levoritz Law Group to get help obtaining the child support you deserve.

Attorneys Yonatan Levoritz, Karolina Krasnyanskaya, Evgen Tereshchenkov, and Miechia Gulley have won orders for increased child support payments in instances where a party had falsely reported a low income. We aggressively investigate all potential sources of undisclosed income for a fair estimate of a parent’s financial resources, and work with both actuaries and appraisers to rebut inaccurate valuations of business assets and other financial holdings.

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