Dividing up Child Support in New York

Dividing up Child Support in New York New York has adopted the Child Support Standards Act (“CSSA”) for the purposes of calculating child support payments. New York statutes explain to parents that each of them has a responsibility for the primary needs of the child including food, shelter, and clothing. This is known as basic support and is the obligation of both parent. The calculations can be Read More

Business Law 101: The Basic Elements Necessary for a Valid and Enforceable Business Contract

Every day, people all over New York enter into business contracts. They buy or sell property, sign partnership or vendor agreements, and become employers or employees. Unfortunately, many of these parties simply sign on the dotted line without confirming that the contract has all the provisions required to make it enforceable. Don’t let yourself be one of them. In New York, there are four basic requirements in Read More

5 Red Flags for Potential Child Neglect

Consider this scenario: You’re a divorced dad who gets one night a week and every other weekend with your small son. Your ex has a new boyfriend, a fact that didn’t really concern you until your child started showing some serious behavioral and physical changes, like weight loss, increased appetite, and sores that keep reappearing. If you’re concerned, you may have good reason to be. Federal law defines child Read More

What Happens If My Car Insurance Does Not Cover All the Damages in an Auto Accident?

It's a simple law: if you own or lease a personal car or truck, you're required to have auto insurance. If it's your personal vehicle, you need personal auto insurance. If it's a company vehicle, you need commercial auto insurance. In New York state, you're required to have certain minimum levels of auto insurance, such as $50,000 for liability insurance and $10,000 for property damage, although many people have Read More

What Does the Free College Bill Do for People Getting Divorced or Dealing With Child Support?

New York state high school students who are looking for a break for college are in luck. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a budget bill this year that gives free college tuition to New York students attending the CUNY or SUNY schools, as long as their family's income is not over $100,000 this year. Next year, the income cap will increase to $110,000 and $125,000 in 2019. Those who are eligible will pay no tuition, Read More

Everyone Has A Bias Except For A Computer, So Why Not Replace Judges With AI?

It's inescapable. Everyone on the planet has some kind of bias. And anyone who has gone to court has seen this bias up close. Some judges hate men. Some hate women. Some hate poor people and some hate the rich. Researchers have studied psychological filters for decades, and we understand that people see all events through a cloud of their past experiences, moods, desires, and overall natures. In law enforcement, Read More

Freelancers Must Be Paid Within 30 Days In NYC No Matter The Quality Of Work

New York City has become the first U.S. city to adopt a law requiring NYC-based freelancers be paid in full for work worth $800 or more within 30 days of completing a project.  NYC-based businesses that don't pay on time face a possible lawsuit and civil penalties up to $25,000. The Freelance Isn't Free Act went into effect this week, after a unanimous city council vote.  The act is designed to protect freelancers Read More

An Overview of the Criminal Appeals Process in New York

We see this scenario on TV all the time. Without it, there’d be no ‘drama’ in courtroom dramas. An unlucky defendant has just been convicted of a crime that could have them spending the rest of their lives in prison or, for extra intensity value, on Death Row. The courtroom erupts, but counsel for the defense promptly reassures their client, “We’ll appeal it.” What does ‘appealing it’ actually mean in a Read More

If I Have a 50/50 Custody of my Child, What is my Child Support Obligation?

Many divorced parents are confused about how child custody can affect the amount of child support being paid by one parent, especially when the two parents share joint 50/50 custody of their child or children. The parent who pays child support often wonders why (and if) they have to pay at all, since they're sharing half the time and half the responsibilities of raising their children. Child support has nothing to Read More

4 Common Medicaid Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Medicaid planning is a vital part of any good estate plan. Most of us will eventually require nursing home care in our old age, and such care is expensive— the average yearly cost for a semi-private room is over $80,000—which can deplete your savings fast. Most private healthcare policies will not cover long-term care costs unless you paid for an applicable rider, and Medicare does not cover such expenses except in Read More