Defending Family Law Appeals in New York

Lower courts are granted considerable discretion in family law matters. In most situations, the lower court will only be overturned if the decision was blatantly wrong or erroneous. That does not mean, however, that defending an appeal is easy or something you should do without the help of an experienced attorney. Changing the result of the lower court could end up costing thousands of dollars in both attorneys’ Read More

Firm Appellate Court Victory Paves the Way for Greater Access to Protective Orders in the State of New York

In Monaco v. Monaco, 116 A.D.3d 452, 984 N.Y.S.2d 311 (1st Dep't 2014), the Law Office of Yonatan Levoritz won a significant victory when a New York State appellate court affirmed a trial court order granting the firm’s client a hearing on her request for a protective order. This ruling had implications beyond the Monaco case, as New York State courts had previously required any individual who requested a protective Read More

McMahan v. McMahan

Often hard to believe, the ongoing divorce battle between Bruce McMahan and Elena McMahan has numerous angles. Bruce and Elena met on a cruise ship where he was a patron and she was working as a bartender. He was a wealthy Wall Street executive in his mid-sixties; she was a Ukrainian immigrant in her early thirties. For Bruce, this was his fifth marriage, with three of the previous four marriages ending in divorce. Read More

Appellate Court Vacates Trial Court Ruling on Temporary Spousal Support and Child Support; Orders Defendant to Pay Triple the Amount of Attorney’s Fees to the Law Office of Yonatan Levoritz

The firm won a complete reversal of a trial court decision in Davydova v. Sasonov, 109 A.D.3d 955, 972 N.Y.S.2d 293 (2d Dep’t 2013), providing the firm’s client with an opportunity to receive considerably more financial support from her husband while their divorce was in the process of being litigated. A New York State appellate court agreed with the firm’s client that the trial court failed to comply with both Read More

International Divorce Proceedings

Even when a party is out of the country, he or she still needs to comply with New York law in divorce proceedings. This includes appearing for depositions and hearing as well as answering discovery. Failure to do any of these things can result in sanctions that may include a prohibition for entering evidence in a divorce proceeding. A Case Example: Terekhina v. Terekhin The parties in Terekhina v. Terekhin were Read More

Elena Svenson v. Michael Krichevsky

In Elena Svenson v. Michael Krichevsky, the firm not only successfully represented Ms. Svenson in her request for monthly child support payments but also weathered several lawsuits from Ms. Svenson’s ex-partner, whose obligation to provide child support so distressed him that he targeted attorney Yonatan Levoritz directly. In the initial case, Ms. Svenson sought child support after her ex-partner walked out on Read More

McMahan v. McMahan

Bruce and Elena McMahan married in 2002. This was Bruce’s fifth marriage. He was about thirty years her senior and was a highly successful Wall Street executive. She was a native of Ukraine and worked as a bartender when they met on a cruise ship. Their marriage was short-lived and they stopped living together in late 2004. Bruce filed for divorce in January 2005, leading to McMahan v. McMahan. A significant Read More

Khlevner v. Khlevner, Index No. 34411/05

Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division Second Department Unfortunately, divorce can be a lengthy process. This case highlights the procedural complications that can arise during a divorce, causing it to drag on longer than parties anticipate. In 2008, attorney Yonatan Levoritz gained a successful appellate decision for his client in the case of Khlevner v. Khlevner. In 2006 the client, then represented by Read More

Khvelner v. Tylo, 16 Misc 3d 1129(A)

Supreme Court Kings County There are two categories of law: substantive and procedural. Simply put, substantive laws are those that create the rights and duties members of a society have to one another. Procedural laws are the rules governing how a court applies substantive law. In other words, what paperwork gets filed? What sorts of time limits exist in asserting a right? What evidence is necessary, and how can Read More

Gonzalez v. Green, 831 N.Y.S.2d 856

Supreme Court New York County Back in 2006, the Law Office of Yonatan Levoritz took on a case involving same-sex marriage and civil nuptial agreements. The case presented a novel question of law: If a same-sex couple was not legally married, could they nonetheless still have a valid agreement as to how to divide property in the event that they break up? The court determined that they could. Although a same-sex Read More