Fighting for Your Second Chance

The right of appeal is a key aspect of the United States legal system, and when you have a lot riding on the outcome of your case, it is crucial to engage a strong and aggressive litigation team with civil appeals experience.

The Levoritz Law Group has a statewide reputation for tenacious civil appeals support thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of all relevant procedures and the ability to produce strong, well-drafted legal briefs needed to file a civil law appeal. We have a proven proficiency when it comes to reviewing case files and finding judicial errors and other issues that merit an appeal.

Our appellate capabilities are reflected by our broad interdisciplinary law practice. Whether you need to file a commercial appeal after an unsuccessful business litigation or challenge a previous judicial decision in intellectual, employment, personal injury, and other areas of civil law, the Levoritz Law Group has the talent to offer quality representation.

Yonatan Levoritz has extensive appellate experience and is always prepared to pursue an appeal when faced with an adverse decision. For more information or to schedule a confidential consultation, contact us today.