About Our Attorneys

Meet the Team that Makes Up the Levoritz Law Group

The Levoritz Law Group is a collection of attorneys known for the unique and collective combination of skills, energy, and determination that they bring to each of the firm’s cases. We are not just another law firm. We are a law group comprised of highly skilled and experienced attorneys with in-depth knowledge across a wide spectrum of legal practice areas.

Individually, and as part of the team, our attorneys have appeared in state and federal courts across the United States. We also have significant experience handling cases that cross international borders, working with outside counsel when necessary to manage the unique nuances inherent in international law. In all circumstances, our attorneys present their cases with passion and determination, and have developed a track record of achieving extraordinary verdicts for their clients.

Each of our attorneys is dedicated to protecting our clients’ best interests. Each of our attorneys is committed to winning. Click the links below to learn more about the members of our team: